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Donate Excess Inventory

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Overstock Inventory | 0 comments

Do you have excess inventory that you are not sure what to do with? Donate excess inventory to us today!

Clear out the clutter and allow yourself to focus on other tasks.

Benefits of Donating Excess Inventory

If you have some inventory that you can not get rid of then donating it to us is a great way to go.

  • Clear out space

If your inventory is starting to overflow this can be a great way to clear out some space and make room for other products that are selling more frequently.

warehouse boxes

  • Put the products to good use

If you have excess inventory that means that it is not going to good use. We can take these unused products and make sure we get it to someone who could use them for a good purpose.

  • Be environment friendly

If you don’t have anywhere else to go with your excess inventory you may be forced to take it to the dump. Landfills are already overflowing with garbage and this is not good for the environment. When you donate excess inventory it helps the environment, as we will find a use for your products.

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How To Donate Excess Inventory

If you have products that are not going to use then donating them can be a great option for you!

Click the form “Make It Go Away” at the top of the page and fill out your information.

This way we can get in contact with you as soon as possible, about the possibility of you donating your excess inventory to us.

Are you closing a business? Work with us during your inventory closeout sale.

Get Rid Of Excess Inventory

If you have an excess of inventory then reach out to us and we will see if we can make it work.

Here are some of the products we are mainly interested in:

Textile Waste, Shoes/Leather, Factory Seconds, New and Used Garments, Fashion Scraps

Automobile Insulation, Wiping rags and Polishing Cloths, Stuffing for Pillows, Sleeping bags, and Animal beds, Carpet Padding

Manufacturing Waste, Home Insulation, Paving Material, Construction Waste, Construction Materials

  • Other

PVC Materials, Damaged Inventory, Over-runs, Overstock, Plastic Waste

Need More Ideas on What To Do With Your Excess Inventory?

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