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Sell Excess Fabric and Textiles

If you have an overload of products that are not selling you may need to clean out your warehouse. At Just Make It Go Away we can take a wide variety of products to get them off your hands. Sell excess fabric to us so you can focus on what is important.

Benefits of Selling Your Excess Fabric and Textiles

  • Make money
  • Clear space in the warehouse
  • Environmental friendly
  • The product gets used for its intended purpose

Different Types of Textiles We Take

  • Textile Waste

Textile waste can be discarded clothing, although other smaller sources include furniture, carpets, tires, footwear, sheets, and towels.

  • Shoes and Leather

Whether your shoes are used or new we can take them

  • Factory Seconds

Factory seconds often have minor defects that cause them to be returned or unable to sell for retail prices. We take factory seconds and reject items, so no need to throw them away!

  • New and Used Garments

We take nearly all items of clothing, even if they are used

  • Fashion Scraps


All Of The Excess Products We Buy

Sell Your Excess Fabric and Textiles Today

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