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Liquidation Services – Business and Distributors Liquidation

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What do you do if you have lots of surplus products lying around in your store and have no better way to get rid of them? Two things are almost always constant in the business world: everyone has inventory that seems to get in their way, and two, not everyone can get rid of the inventory that easily. The best step is to search for credible companies that provide liquidation services.

Retailers and business people are often faced with unique sets of reverse logistic problems to solve regardless of whether they sell their merchandise through traditional brick-and-mortar stores or the internet. One truth that remains is that keeping that item that doesn’t sell in your store costs you money.

You purchased the product, shipped it to your destination, and paid for the labor. The longer the product sits on the counter, the more money you lose. However, your difficulties don’t simply end there. Customer trends change, sometimes, on a whim, which means that something popular three months ago may not be as popular now.

While most business people accept this as the cost of doing business, it doesn’t negate the fact that it costs you more to keep products in your warehouse than to get rid of them, especially if you’re having a hard time selling the products.

As stated earlier, the business model sometimes involves shipping in products and stocking them in your local warehouse. If you ship too many products and don’t make sales on the products, you’re left with practically worthless merchandise gathering dust in your warehouse, and this is where we come in.

Call us, and we’ll Just Make It Go Away

JustMakeItGoAway is all about helping individuals and companies with surplus inventory that they can’t seem to get rid of. Our process involves making an inventory of your items and developing an excellent plan to help push them out of the warehouse. This plan ensures that you get to recoup some of your investment, and we help lift the surplus items off your hands.

If you have any surplus inventory that’s becoming a little bit too much to handle, we can help you out through our liquidation services.

What are Liquidity Services?

Liquidity services refer to how liquidation companies convert surplus assets from the company seeking the services to cash. For instance, if your company produces excess products and finds out that there is less demand for the products than anticipated, you can seek our services, and we’ll help you liquidate the products.

To understand liquidity services better, we have to look a little bit more into the logistics involved in the business: forward and reverse logistics.

Forward Logistics and Reverse Logistics

Logistics was once used to refer to the process of moving goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. However, currently, the field has expanded and led to subdivisions that have turned it into two subdivisions: forward logistics and reverse logistics.

While forward logistics deals with how products are moved from the producer to the consumer, reverse logistics deals with goods that never made it to the buyer or those that made it but were returned.

Reverse logistics is estimated to be a 415-billion-dollar industry expected to hit 603.90 billion by 2025. Despite this, most people still don’t know what it’s all about. While the apparatus that enables forward logistics are ready, set and fine-tuned, mechanisms involving reverse logistics have still got some catching up to do, which is where we come in.

If you have some products that don’t seem to be moving forward in the supply and commerce chain, then learn about the advantages and disadvantages of excess inventory.

When is the best time for businesses to liquidate their surplus inventory?

If you feel like you have surplus items in your inventory, things you think could give you more trouble if you tried to get rid of them, or items whose value doesn’t appreciate over time, then you know it’s time to call us for liquidation services.

Full-Service Liquidation

Various reasons would lead clients to seek the services of a liquidation company. The companies could have produced surplus products that may have exceeded demand, or they may be going green and want to dispose of products that could hinder their progress.

It’s also possible that the company could also be looking for ways to eliminate usable waste and seek an environmentally safe way to dispose of them. After assessing the products you want to liquidate, we’ll help you develop a customized solution that meets your needs.

Retail Liquidation

Retail liquidation involves selling off your company’s inventory to an inventory liquidator. It typically comes with a considerable discount, and the end goal is to generate cash. In most cases, it is a precursor to a business closing; however, in some, it’s done to help the business get rid of surplus inventory.


If you don’t want to stress about selling each item and only want one blanket buy-out regardless of how many products you have in your inventory, we can make it possible. We’ve found that most clients prefer this option. We can turn this deal into something as simple as a single or contractual sales transaction, this can be especially helpful if you are in a closeout liquidation.


Managing returns can be a nightmare, so why not let us do it for you? Our return center could act as a third-party center for your business, company, or factory. You could redirect your returns to our company, where we’ll receive them and pay you.

Doing this will help you eliminate any expenses associated with managing the entire process. You’ll get to spend less and divert the resources you save to increase your revenue stream.

Learn more about the products we take in here: Sell Excess Inventory

What sets us apart from other liquidators?

JustMakeItGoAway was purpose-built to meet the current liquidation needs of existing businesses. Our liquidation strategies are new and more tailored to suit both small, large, and mega-companies. We developed our plan after listening to various successful companies.

After learning what problems these companies face, we came up with working solutions that reduce any issues that they may be experiencing regarding reverse logistics. We ensure that all liquidated products are sold and distributed as quickly as possible in locations that offer zero competition to our clients.

Why we are an essential partner

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Why do liquidating companies often get a bad rap? We’ll begin by talking about manufacturers. Manufacturers convert raw materials into products using cash. So, in the real sense, they convert money into products.

Liquidation companies, on the other hand, help convert the surplus, unsold products back into cash. However, since a product’s value drops over time, liquidating companies don’t often get back 100% value of the product.

People often associate liquidation with companies losing money, which brings about the stigma related to liquidation companies. However, when viewed from a different perspective, you’ll discover that liquidation companies play a considerable role in commerce.

Every manufacturer, distributor, and retailer’s primary aim is to sell every product in their inventory. However, this is rarely achieved. A fraction of investments either for the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer often get lost when they do not reach the consumer. The longer they stay in the warehouse, the more their value depreciates.

We are the best closeout buyers available in the USA.

What could happen if there were no companies offering liquidation services?

If liquidating companies were not there, there would be lots of waste since reverse logistics wouldn’t be possible. Whether in retail, distribution, or manufacturing, most investors would lose lots of cash trying to sell as many of these goods as possible.

They would have to partition their time between dealing with returns, selling products that are out of demand, and at the same time, selling in-demand products in their inventory. This could lead to lots of chaos in their logistics, actual losses in their stock, and so much more.

What is the solution?

Why are liquidating companies the best solution?

As stated earlier, liquidation companies are meant to help such business people get rid of surplus products. Our work is to find the quickest and most suitable plan to help you eliminate surplus goods.

Doing this will help you recoup some of the investment that you may have lost if the items had sat for too long and, at the same time, free up some space for you to store more items. You may sell the items at a loss to the liquidators; however, it’s much more of a loss if the goods are donated, thrown out, or destroyed.

Conclusion – Liquidation Services

Liquidation companies are not a necessary evil. They are an essential partner for all parties involved. This is why all parties need to work together to reduce waste and save as many resources as possible. Partner with us, and help us protect our planet and its resources.

To get a quote and learn more about liquidation services, you can contact us through our email and phone number.

Do you have any surplus products in your inventory that you would like us to help you get rid of?