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Closeout Buyers and Liquidators Near Me

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Overstock Inventory | 0 comments

We, at Just Make It Go Away, are trusted closeout buyers and liquidation service partners that have served the industry for a long time. Our main aim is to understand each customer’s needs and ensure that we meet them. We aim to provide you with fast, efficient, high-quality service ensuring that you get your money back for goods that need liquidating.

Regardless of your reasons, i.e., if your inventory isn’t selling, you overbought your stock, or you have bills to pay, we help make the liquidation process quick and hassle-free. We purchase various types of surplus inventory, including garments, clothes, shoes, textiles, and even construction materials, and helps turn them into cash!

What is a closeout sale? How do I get rid of my surplus inventory?

Closeout sale is a general term referring to how you could get rid of surplus inventory that isn’t selling. The surplus inventory could comprise many items, including textiles, clothes, shoes, and even construction materials.

Various reasons could trigger the need for closeout buyers, including closing down a business, products that have gone out of the market, store returns, factory rejects, surplus inventory, etc. Whatever the reasons, closeout buyers could help you get back a percentage of the capital invested in a product preventing you from experiencing an all-out loss.

Regardless of the type of inventory, you need to be liquidated, whether it’s your surplus stock or your entire warehouse, we are here for you. Before we go into more details about the products we help liquidate, here are a few reasons why you’d love to work with us.

Closeout Buyers Near Me

Stellar reputation

When working with closeout buyers, it’s good to deal with a reputable company with a great track record. We have a stellar reputation and a desire to ensure that our clients receive the best services quickly and efficiently.

Our experience and long period in the industry reflect our success and dedication to our clients. We’ve handled lots of closeout services over the past years and have a team of experienced professionals ready to help make educated closeout buying decisions and expedite the closeout liquidation process.

Our company is transparent and ready to straighten any challenges that may arise, helping speed up the closeout buying process.

Stellar performance

Just Make It Go Away is 100 % dedicated to helping you sort out your inventory challenges, and we are great at what we do. Just make it go away isn’t a sub-branch in our company; it isn’t a department. Just Make It Go Away is a closeout buyer plus inventory liquidating partner dedicated to purchasing overstocks and closeouts.

We give a hundred percent to clients through our services, ensuring that all their needs are met. Our company values your overstock, closeouts, customer returns, and factory rejects, etc. We ensure that we pick your products ASAP and send you payment immediately.

If you have any excess inventory that you want to dispose of ASAP in an efficient manner, then we are your best partner. Suppose you ask, “How can I liquidate my inventory?” head over to our contact page and get in touch with us. We’ll be able to help you right away!

Stellar integrity

Doing business can be challenging, especially if it involves huge amounts of cash; however, we understand the secret to growing a business by creating a great working relationship with our clients.

To achieve this, we ensure that you, and all our clients, are paid in full and on time. Doing this helps simplify the challenging business environment. Our integrity and honesty bring about our long-standing success in the industry through our business practices.

We understand that ups and downs in business, especially on our end, are ours to deal with. Our dedicated team ensures that all challenges that may arise from our business deals are taken care of promptly so that you get paid for your products ASAP.


Last but not least, you’d love to work with us because of our longevity in the business. As business entities yourselves, you know that no company can stay in business for long periods if they aren’t good at what they do.

Our company has gone through various business cycles and has emerged as one of the leading companies in closeout sales and liquidation services. Our experience in the industry has brought about various lessons that we’ve learned from helping us grow better, stronger, and more reliable in our business dealings.

Whether you deal in lifestyle, construction, or textiles, you can be 100 % certain that you trust us to help you in your time of need. You can trust our experience to help you learn or learn more about how you can navigate through closeout sales and get rid of your excess merchandise on our website. Get in touch with us today and learn how.

What products do we buy?

Excess inventory

Excess inventory refers to products that haven’t been sold but exceed the projected amount likely to be bought by the consumer. Excessive stock can result from a lack of proper stock management or other reasons like canceled orders, inaccurate projections, or poor economy. Reusing waste is one of the ways manufacturers can reduce their carbon footprints.

2020 and 2021 have witnessed a dip in the global economy, and businesses that have been affected are left in a tough spot. Such businesses lack the means to get rid of surplus stock effectively. Consumer demands, market trends, and consumer behavior have also played a huge role in surplus stock. We could help you get rid of any excess inventory and free your business up, leaving you to work on more important aspects of the business.

Business closing

If you are looking to close your business and have no idea what to do with any excess inventory, we can help you out. Business closing can be a hectic procedure that requires you to focus on various aspects simultaneously.

We will help you sort out any surplus inventory you may have in your store or on your shelves, providing you with a great alternative to recoup your investment. Our inventory liquidators will ensure that the process is fast and efficient to help minimize any extra hustle and expenses you may incur while trying to get rid of the merchandise through alternative means.

Failed product launch

Product launches can be tricky, and they can go one way or the other. Launching your product is a gamble, but the best thing is that if the gamble works, you’ll manage to make lots of profit. However, sometimes it won’t go your way.

The great thing is that we are here for you if this happens. We will just make it go away so that you’re able to start over again. You won’t have to lose all your hard-earned money on your investment. Call the best closeout buyers, and we’ll help you recoup your loss and sell your product to third-party buyers.

Customer returns

Customers may sometimes return products because of a minor defect, but you don’t have to get rid of the products by throwing them away. You could still make some cash out of such products. How do you go about doing this?

You could sell us such products at closeout prices, and we can sell them to third-party buyers. You’ll get to make some cash on products that you’d have otherwise thrown out, and we’ll make some while helping keep the environment cleaner and greener.

Useable waste

If you have any usable waste that you’d like to get rid of, you could get in touch with us to help you get rid of them. Doing this will help you make some money, plus we’ll be providing you with an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your goods.

Benefits of selling us your excessive inventory

  • We’ll help keep your factories clean by enhancing your ISO-14001 through shipping less desirable products overseas.
  • We ensure that products you sell to us are sold overseas to provide you with minimal competition on the market.
  • We pay you for any overstock, damaged, and used inventory, helping you save on expenses that you’d have incurred if you tried to dispose of them yourself.
  • Working with us will help us work towards a common goal, saving the environment.

Sell Your Excess Inventory

We buy various products including:

looking down a warehouse aisle that needs closeout buying services

Conclusion – Closeout Buyers

Are you looking for closeout buyers near me? Don’t worry; we are here for you. We are one of the most experienced, most trusted, and most reputed closeout buyers and liquidators in the USA.

We look forward to working with you and helping you get rid of any surplus products you may have in your store. Have any surplus products you’d want to liquidate?

Contact us today!

We want to buy your reject materials and consumer products and can arrange pickup from any location.