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Sell Excess Clothing Inventory

There are many reasons why you’d want to sell excess clothing inventory. It may be because you have excess inventory, factory rejects, a failed product launch, etc. While the need to get rid of excessive apparel may be overwhelming, that’s where we step in!

At Just Make It Go Away, we are dedicated to making this process as easy for you as possible. We work extra hard to ensure that you don’t lose all initial investment in the product and your materials are disposed of safely.

What is Excess Inventory?

Excess inventory refers to products that haven’t sold out by the end of the products’ cycle. This happens when orders on products haven’t been properly organized with respect to projected sales and demand. While the size of the order plays a significant role, other factors like the products’ quality, price, and specifications can still cause you to have excessive inventory.

When you order too many items that don’t sell as fast as they come, you end up having an overstock of products. Seeing that you may be in this predicament, we will assume that you know all this information already, and the reasons you have excess inventory may have been out of your control.

However, one thing that remains is that since you’ll be making lots of losses by storing your products without any feasible plan for a quick sale, you’ll need a quick solution to your problem. Selling us the excess inventory could be the best decision for your business’s overall organization and profitability.

Why would you want to sell us your excess inventory?

Get the excess inventory off your back!

The simplest reason as to why you would need to sell your bulk wholesale clothing is so that we can help you get it off your back. Doing this helps you focus on more important aspects of your business, such as investing in products to sell for better profits.

Letting us help you with your inventory gives you one less thing to worry about. Have some products that you want to get rid of? Let us help you!

Get some of your investment back!

Selling us your excess apparel inventory helps you get some of your investment back. Instead of disposing of your apparels through other means such as incineration, you’ll get the opportunity to recoup some of the money you spent on acquiring your products. It’s a win-win.

Save on space!

I’m probably right by saying that your excess inventory may be sitting somewhere in storage, eating into valuable space that you may be planning to use on more valuable products. That, plus a few other reasons, might why you’re on our website.

Getting rid of your excess inventory helps provide space for other more profitable products, which are bound to sell more quickly. Plus, it would save you the money that you would have otherwise paid for your storage services. This is why you need to get in touch with us as quickly as possible.

Make the environment safer!

Selling us your excess inventory is better for the environment than incinerating the products or throwing them away. We help maintain a green environment by ensuring that all manufactured products are put to good use.

Doing this helps reduce environmental pollution; it helps reduce the number of products that go to waste and ultimately the number of resources that go into creating new products. On top of this, it helps companies, factories, stores, and green-focused companies with excess inventory or damaged goods have one less thing to worry about.

Sell Bulk Clothing

We export our excess inventory

The products you sell us won’t compete with you in the domestic market since we export them to international customers. We export our merchandise to more than 100 countries with high demand and ensure that the products have a quick turnaround.

Enhance your ISO14001 waste management

Shipping less desirable products overseas help you keep your warehouse up-to-date and your factories clean by enhancing your ISO 14001 on waste management. Let us handle the excess factory rejects and keep the factories clean.

How To Sell Excess Clothing Inventory

If you want to sell excess clothing inventory, all you need to do is get in touch with us at Justmakeitgoaway. At Justmakeitgoaway, we buy reject materials, overstock apparel, and canceled orders.

We can arrange to pick up from any station, deal with all the paperwork involved ensuring that the process of getting rid of your excess inventory runs as smoothly as possible. Get in touch with us and witness all the benefits listed above and much more.

Sell Your Bulk Wholesale Clothing

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Reject materials

Many manufacturing industries often end up with rejects that they can’t sell to the US market. Disposing of these products doesn’t make much economic sense, and it may not be good for the environment. Instead, the products are better off being sold, albeit more cheaply, to people who may want to put them to better use.

Overstock apparel and canceled orders

We also buy overstock apparel or canceled orders. You may have a hard time selling your products, and waiting on them to sell could be catastrophic. The best chance you have could be to get rid of the stock, make some money in the process, and reinvest in more profitable merchandise.


Sometimes customers may return items that are either faulty or too small, are of low quality, or aren’t as expected. While these items are either thrown in landfills or incinerated, the best option would be to sell them to us for recycling. Please help us make the environment greener.

Conclusion – Sell Excess Clothing Inventory

If you are a green company or are looking to recoup your investments, have the surplus stock you want to get rid of, or are looking to free your storage space, one thing is for certain, Justmakeitgoaway is here to help you out.

Our company has all the experience and resources required to ensure that your overstocking problem doesn’t bother you anymore. What overstocking problem would you want us to help you out with today?

Contact us today!

We want to buy your reject materials and consumer products and can arrange pickup from any location.