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We Are Excess Inventory Buyers

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Overstock Inventory | 0 comments

The question is, does your inventory always match the sales you have for the day and you are going to have in the future? Are you certain that your inventory is not short or over? It’s quite impossible to detect whether your inventories are just right, especially when the market keeps changing and the taste and preferences of your customers are adapting to the new environment. In case your inventories are overflowing and you want to dispose of your excess inventories right away, you are in the right spot. You just found the best excess inventory buyers available to you!

What Is Excess Inventory?

Excess inventories are those products that are still in your storage room and are considered surplus. They are the excess of what you need to satisfy the demands of your customers. Since there is more supply than demand, we can view it as some kind of inventory mismanagement. Some factors affecting excess inventories are inaccurate projections, overbuying, a bad economy, and canceled orders. A lot of variables can affect how you manage your inventories. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of excess inventory.

Disadvantages of Excess Inventories

Excess inventories are not good for businesses for multiple reasons. If you are looking for reasons why you should dispose of your excess inventories right away, here they are:

1) Your Money Doesn’t Grow

One negative thing about having excess inventories is that your money doesn’t grow. Instead of selling and buying another set of products for your business, your money is sleeping on those excess products. Your money gets stuck in your storage room where it doesn’t grow nor profit. Basically, having excess inventories is not a good idea if you want your business to grow and profit.

2) You Pay For More Space

Aside from your money not moving, you also incur additional expenses when you have excess inventories. Businesses need space where they can put or store their inventories and we bet your business has a warehouse or a room where you arrange your products. If you have excess inventories, you are going to pay for the space that you don’t need if those inventories are sold timely.

3) Product Expiration or Deterioration

There are some products that need to be sold before their expiration dates. Businesses have different kinds of products. There are those that don’t have expiration dates and those that need to be sold at a certain point in time. If you have products that expire, having excess inventories can lead to a loss. If you don’t sell your products before their expiration dates, obviously, you can’t sell them anymore after the date.

4) Inventory Management Is Difficult to Maintain

Another bad thing about having excess inventory is that they hinder your ability to maintain your inventory. How could you do proper inventory work if you still have inventories from your past purchase? Excess inventory can lead to poor inventory management.

Excess Inventories May Lead To…

1) Fewer Profits

That’s right, excess inventories may lead to fewer profits. Remember that your money is not moving if you store those excess inventories, which means that you can’t use the money to buy sellable products and offer them to your buyers. There isn’t room to make profits and multiply your money.

2) More Expenses

Regardless of the number of your excess inventories, you still need to pay for the space to keep them, which means more expenses. Since you are also not earning from them, you will end up paying more than earning more.

warehouse aisle boxes stacked high

3) Losses

Spoiled products can’t be sold anymore and this means losses for you. You have to bear the amount of the losses if you don’t manage your inventories well. Excess inventories, especially those products with expiration, may lead to losses instead of profits. Also, some businesses are used to discounting their products just to get rid of excessive inventories. They either reduce their markup cost or sell the products less than their actual cost.

Sell Your Excess Inventory

The problem with excess inventories is that you can’t expedite their sale to your buyers once you find out that you have more products to offer. You can’t dictate the market to buy more from you just because you have more inventories on hand. In fact, the more inventories you have, the more the price can go cheaper. The law of supply and demand says that if there are more supplies, the cheaper the price is since there are more products than customers.

But, how do you about your excess inventories without relying on your customers? The solution is to sell them to excess inventory buyers! Excess inventory buyers buy excess inventories at a price agreed upon with the business owner. The good thing about this strategy is that you don’t need to look for as many customers as possible to get rid of all your inventories. You only need a good excess inventory buyer who can take all your excesses.

We Are The Premier Company That Buys Excess Inventory

Just Make It Go Away is a premier company where you can sell your excess inventories. We purchase textile recycling and fabrics, home and automotive textiles, building materials, and other things such as PVC materials, damaged inventory, over-runs, plastic waste, and overstock. If you have any of these products we are willing to buy, you can easily connect with us through our website or the phone number provided on our website.

Our company provides extremely competitive prices. If you want to dispose of your excessive inventories without discounting them, you should look for a buyer that doesn’t bargain too much. Just Make It Go Away can be your excess inventory buyer at a price reasonable for you. Aside from that, you can get a free quote from us so you can think about the potential sale. Just reach out to us and feel free to drop your inquiries.

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